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Torque detail is additional synthetic polymer protection for all cars. Torque Detail Coupon&Discount Code is available for 3-% off .Coming to the detail of Torque, it helps to Torque Detail Coupon & Discount Codevehicle’s clear coat, and has the UV protection and repels hydrophobic. The product works like shines and protects as a sealant of the vehicle. Torque detail all products are made in the U.S. Torque Detail Coupon is available

It is very easy to use and it performs very well as expected. It is very safe and effective for direct application paint coats, gel coats, glass, fiberglass, ceramic steel, aluminum, etc, Torque detail provides the best products and it maintains the transparency in business as perfect. In some places, people are very crazy about vehicles and love about cars. So that Torque detail has decided to introduce their products. These are very useful for your vehicles and protects as well.

Torque Detail Coupon&Discount Code:

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30% off on Torque - Black Friday sale
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Upto 60% off site wide
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By using the Torque detail, the vehicle will give you a bright mirror, high gloss top coats, and providing the glossy finishing shine to your vehicle. It is not only giving you high gloss shine and also protects your vehicle for up to six months. You will get the Torque detail products at less price than you expected. Discount is available on every product. Use the code and get 10% off on your purchase.

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List of products

Mirror Shine is available in different sizes and at different prices. One can visit the website and look for the best size accordingly. One 16oz bottle can be useful for up to 10-12 applications on a regular-sized car. The cars which are washed and are clean will only need a small amount of spray. For vehicles that haven’t been cleaned, will require more advanced treatment, and sometimes repetitious applications.

How to use it:

First of all, Shake the bottle before using it.

• Make sure you need to utilize the spray to a clean and fresh surface
• Wash your car and let it dry. Once it is dried, you can apply the spray to ensure minimal contamination on the vehicle.
• Do not use any wax or coating before applying Mirror Shine
• User Microfiber towel and always spray a little amount of Mirror Shine
• User another microfiber towel into the surface until desired polish is reached.

I am very sure that you will be 100% satisfied with Torque detail. 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Torque detail. The product guarantee for six month protection with T&C. It provides the easy shipping and returns and also available best customer support.