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Well!! Everyone know’s now a days everything is polluted from food, water, milk and what not every product is polluted now a days and because of this people are facing many health issues. The largest corporations in the world grow the genetically engineered seeds that won’t be healthy to eat and we don’t touch that food for that there is an alternative in our own hands to buy the safest and healthiest seeds and grow our self and east the healthy food.

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1-month free club membership.
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FREE USA SHIPPING + FREE SPINACH SEED KIT w/any purchase $20+ today
FREE USA SHIPPING + FREE SPINACH SEED KIT w/any purchase $20+ today
FREE USA SHIPPING + FREE SPINACH SEED KIT w/any purchase $20+ today!

The seeds they offer aren’t like the varieties you’d typically find at the local garden center. ‘SeedsNow’ is the full supporters of the Safe Seed pledge and in this website they are offering non hybridized varieties that are free from the genetic engineering they are 100% healthiest seeds and this seeds are 100% open pollinated that means you can safely save each seed after each harvest and preserve your own collection of heirloom seed for many generations to come.If u are Looking for best hydroponics store , Check out discount on hydroponics supplies online

How this Seeds are Grown ?

Everyone tells there products are very good and healthy and here comes the “SeedsNow” they show everything how they grow and what is the process they are using for growing this healthy seeds.

They sell quality seeds this quality comes with a quality testing that meets industry standards which means every seeds they produces are tested with highest germination % and also this seeds are 100% GMO Free. After growing up the seeds they don’t pack this seeds in a re-salable moisture proof pack and they do not use paper envelops which means they ill remain for years. It is the safest and healthiest way to grow the seeds also this seeds are easy to grow and growing our own food isn’t hard and they also provide the step by step instructions to grow the seeds.

Well everyone loves flowers especially women they just love and here they sell all types of Herbs/Flowers like Sampler packs, Culinary Herbs, Medicinal Herbs, Wild Flowers & Pollinators all the flowers in the world are available. All types of Vegetable/Fruits are available such as Arugula, Bean, Blueberry’s,Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Chard, Corn,Eggplant, Garlic, Kale,Leek,Leaf Greens, Melon,Mustard, Okra,Onion,Parsnip,Pea,Radish,Shallot,Sprouts,Strawberry,Tomato, Turnip ,Wheat and much more veggies.

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