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One of the most trending and addictingly mattress on the internet today is the puffy mattress… So what attracts the customers to buy the puffy mattress is the incredible design with the body adapting cloud formula, pressure relieving firm support and much more…

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Puffy Mattress Review :

The most important features of this mattress include the Patent pending cooling cloud foam, a special kind of cloud formula has been used in this mattress it uses the convection and conduction to disperse heat away from your body.

This Gel infused memory foam increase the air flow by 8 times compared to the traditional mattress that leaves you cool and comfortable so that you can have a good night sleep.

The core support layer that increases the life span of the memory foam also supports you in the bed while you sleep, the Puffy’s 7-inch firm support layer that adds strength and durability to all sorts of sizes. The insta firm technology that is used in this mattress supports 99% better responsiveness and a perfect foundation for the better sleep.

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Compares to many other standard mattresses in the puffy mattress they have used the body adapting clod formula this technology will adapt perfectly to every point of your body, letting you forget you’re even on a mattress. Also, the patent pending cooling cloud technology will be used for drawing the heat out of the mattress this process will be done by the cloud gel layer to keep the heat out of your body.

The important layer that keeps you closer to the surface is the pressure relieving firm support layer this is specially designed to keep your body closer to the surface while adjusting perfectly to every pressure point of your body so that you can have a very comfortable night sleep.

Don’t let the allergies interfere your rest your sleeping should be allergy free for that they have used the anti-allergic protector to protect you from the dust mites and molds. The puffy mattress has been ranked as the top mattress that provides best support for the back pain based on the customer reviews due to it’s spinal alignment support.

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