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Extra 10% Drinking and Shower Filters

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Free Shipping over $49 on Water Systems and Supplies

Free Shipping over $49 on Water Systems and Supplies at Pelican

25% Off pelican water promo code:

25% Off Drinking and Shower Filters

Take 25% Off Drinking and Shower Filters

10% Off Whole House WaterSystems

Take 10% Off Whole HouseWater Systems

About:  A company that helps families to enjoy clean and healthier water . Pelican water filters are Eco friendly also provides clean and safer water for all, they provide two services. That provides whole house water filters with UV protected , also they provide salt water filters.

Whole House Water Filter System: 

This water maintenance system is very easy to place in any house and has a 1,000,000./5 year capacity. For softer skin and hair use pelican spring like filter water. This machine will filter the smell and bad taste in the water for that they use the carbon filters . As we don’t know what the bottle manufacturers will use it’s better to use pelican filters as we can know how it will filter the water and provides tasty water.

Cooking , showering and drinking you can also use this water to make Tea or coffee and you can feel the difference compared to normal water the taste differs and you will feel the food very tasty. For a better and softer skin and hair use the pelican filtered water for better results.

The water will be more tastier than the bottled water and it inhabits the bacterial growth . Water will not be wasted at any cost and it doesn’t require electricity .

Whole House Water Filter  with UV Protection:

It is a maintenance free system that can be easily installed any where in the house .The use of the UV protection is it will destroy 99.9% of harmful microorganisms and between using of this won’t affect the taste or color of water.Virus can easily enter anywhere by using of this UV protection it will kiss bacteria,virus and other harmful things that are present in water.

The pelican water provides many of the facilities for your home like salt water softeners , chemical feed systems , shower filters that will protect your hair and makes your skin very softer , UV protectors and with specifications like taste water facility and Disinfection systems, chloride water filters and overall using of the water filters will keep you healthy and active.

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