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Out of the Sandbox is the largest online store for the computers and accessories. Out of the Sandbox is the first and only Shopify theme provider to offer an app that lets you carry over changes that you’ve made directly to your theme files, as well as preserving your theme setting configurations. This means that you can easily stay up to date and make sure you always have the latest and greatest version of your theme running in your shop through this app. And here you can get the Out of the Sandbox discount code

Out of the Sandbox discount code:

Out of the Sandbox, themes are the best reviewed and these are the most popular Shopify themes ever. And now there is an easier way to stay up to date with the latest version of your favorite Shopify theme. Specially it is introduced to get the up to date in latest version. Everyone wants to get the latest up to date in their devices. That is why, Out of the Sandbox has decided to introduce this Shopify application. It configures everything in your device as it is theme updater. You can get the Out of the Sandbox discount code.

15% off
15% off

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The Shopify Theme Updater app will display the current version of your Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme, as well as the latest available version. With a single click, you can now upgrade to the latest version without losing any of your theme settings or customization. And it also displays the present version of your Out of the Sandbox Shopify theme and latest available version.

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Now you can easily upgrade the latest version with a single click without losing your theme settings, data, and customization.

– You can easily stay up to date with the latest theme release.

– Preserve your theme customization with every update

– Ensure that you have the latest features.

How it works

The app will first scan all your installed themes which are published and unpublished to determine which are your present versions. You will be able to determine which themes have more recent updates available.

If coming to update a theme,

-The update will be installed as a new, unpublished theme in your shop

-Your earlier theme version will be still available

-Your current color, font, layout and other settings all are under “Customize theme” and it will be applied to the updated theme automatically

-The app will also attempt to carry any customization that you have made directly to theme files over to your new version

-Easily preview your store in the new theme version before going live

-Publish the updated theme whenever you’re ready to make the switch

Which type of Shopify themes are supported?

Every Out of the Sandbox is supported. They are,

  • Turbo theme
  • Parallax theme
  • Artisan theme
  • Retina theme

The below mentioned is now trending in themes.

-Turbo Theme

-Parallax Theme

-Artisan Theme

– Retina Theme

Out of the Sandbox offers you 15% on every purchase. Use the coupon code and get the offer. Out of the Sandbox has been designed for the revolutionary themes for Shopify. These themes provide premium storefront solutions that not only make your shop look fantastic, but also function beautifully.

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