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magic weighted blanket discount code save 20% on the firm hug that can help you relax and sleep better and also thismagic weighted blanket discount code blankets provide lower stress and create a calm feeling by raising serotonin levels in the brain.

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In the mosaic weighted blankets they provides all types of comforters such as classic/traditional, contemporary/Modern, colorful/Artistic, Luxurious/Minky all types of are available in mosaic weighted blankets.

So, what is a weighted blanket ? It is like a firm hug that can help you relax and sleep better and also weighted blankets lower stress and create a calm feeling by raising erotonin levels in the brain that reduces stress and also it is created to fit individually.

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How does a weighted blanket work ?

As we grow the children must adapt to the new environment such as light, sounds and the other movements around them and also some babies do not adapt well to their newer environment and suffer from sensory processing disorders. This term refers to the inability to process sensor information coming to the brain from the environment, for this to the children who are suffering from this types of disorders, the weighted blanket will help their body organize and process sensory input so that they are less restless and fidgety and allow most individuals to sleep better during the night.

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Do weighted Blanket Really Work :

After taking most of the customer reviews the weighted blanket offers a soothing, calming, deep pressure therapy that will help customers relax and concentrate during the day and also for a better sleep at night. Some children will have a tendency to wear very tight clothes during the day or roll them self up in sheets to sleep at night, a mosaic weighted blanket will offer them the relief they have been seeking intuitively.

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