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Many people don’t know about G suite it’s a google product that will have a set of Intelligent applications that includes Gmail , Drive , calendar and Online document editing,Storage and video meetings and many more you can connect to any person no matter where in the world.

20% off the first year + 14 days Trail
20% off the first year + 14 days Trail
Each promotion code provides 20% off the first year
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20% off the first year
20% off the first year
Each promotion code provides 20% off the first year.
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14 Days Free G suite Trail Offer (special landing )
14 Days Free G suite Trail Offer (special landing )
Get all of these tools in G Suite for $1.50 /user/month.

After Google launched the G suite in 2006 , now they have released an update that contains many other additional features that includes new updates , releases and roll out dates.

G Suite Features & Review:

  1. The additional features includes a Jam-board that is now available in US. This will save time by giving smart reply to the users in the Gmail also you can move the Google Drive files and folders in to Team drives.
  2. Previously the searching was bit hard after the update the Email search was made easy and now you can customize your website with logos with matching colors.
  3. Do your business with ease by using G suite with advanced Admin controls , now you can gain offline access to Doc files on the web and start your meetings just with one click.
  4. Google will launch a tool that is intended to help the users to store tha files and photos from their personal computers, So that they are safe and accessible from anywhere in the world.Also they have updated the Google vault for your legal and compliance needs you can retain this data anytime you wish.
  5. The google calendar will update the launch of new features by google, if you are using the G suite the calendar will automatically updates you the upcoming feature that will join the G suite so that it will be easy for you to notice the updates also the latest updates, releases and training resources will be released in G suite calendar . Additional improvements made for the admin panel.
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