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eyn Phone Cases offers you the simple solution to walking around with nothing else, but your phone and necessities.

You can Keep Your items secure with a built-in storage case that clicks shut.

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Smart and stylish, the eyn case truly does hold everything you need – phone, money, credit card, I.D., key and more – with its built-in storage compartment. Perfect for running errands, going to the gym or a night out on the town!

40% off on Cases
40% off on Cases
Save 40% off on Cases eyn products

About EYN products:

eyn is an acronym for ‘everything you need’ a genius little phone case with hidden storage that holds your daily essentials all in one place just grab it and go.

Are you out to dinner, for a night on the town, off to yoga, down to the beach, wherever. holds everything you need — phone, cash, cards, i.d., keys, tickets, lip balm, mints, and other must-haves — in one magic little compartment.

The cases are secure. protective phone case with protective clasp keeps your essentials safely in place. smart. travel light with the freedom to leave your bag or wallet behind. There’s even a mirror for quick touch-ups. It’s a clear-cut case of less is more!

There is no need to worry about your important items being secure. The eyn case offers protection for your phone if dropped and locks shut to keep all your essentials safe. Making the eyn case even more useful, the inside storage compartment has an attached mirror giving users a resource for last minute touch ups.

The case also doubles as a stand when the storage compartment is open – great for watching videos or easy navigating on your iPhone. And for those who want to treat it as a mini purse, the included wrist strap allows for easy carrying

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