Cool Gift Ideas for Creative People

Buying gifts can be tough sometimes, as there always seems to be at least one person in your life that is difficult to buy for. It might be that they already have everything that they want or insist that they don’t want people to get them anything (but, of course, you’re going to get them something!) Or perhaps you’re someone who just hates shopping altogether, so trying to search for something for another person is even more daunting than buying for yourself. Either way, sometimes you need to look in different places for inspiration, and below are some cool gift ideas you might find useful if the person you’re buying for happens to have a creative streak.


A notebook might seem like a bad gift, but that isn’t always the case. For someone creative, having a notebook to write down their ideas or sketches could be excellent, and a lot of creatives like to have something like this on hand for when inspiration strikes. If it’s going to be a gift, get them a quality notebook rather than a standard paper one that you’d use in the office. You can get hardback notebooks with gorgeous designs on them, both with lined or plain paper inside. Why not add to the gift by pairing it with a top brand pen or set or artist’s pencils? Although they might not sound like much, they will make excellent gifts for a creative person.


If they’re writers, they will be avid readers too, so getting them a few books from their favorite authors or genres will always be appreciated. You might want to consider getting the books that are about their particular interests, too. For example, a book that gives tips on how to improve their writing, or how to try new painting techniques, or the history of film or photography. Whatever it is that they do creatively, there will be something written about it that they will find interesting and useful.

Tech and Computer Software

Many creative things are done digitally in the modern age, whether that’s enhancing something that was created in the real world or using software to create an image, video, song, etc., on the computer from scratch. If the creative in your life works a lot with computers to do their work, then perhaps looking into getting them some of the latest techs useful to them or computer software would be a good idea? You could even purchase equipment like a camera if they shoot films or take photographs. Here are some gifts for photographers that you might want to look at for other ideas.

Pay for a Course

Finally, if they have expressed interest in developing their creative talents, why not see if there is a course online or locally that they might find useful? If you don’t want to pay for it upfront if they don’t want to do it, or the dates clash, ask them about this first and offer to cover the costs as a gift if this is something they would like to do. They will appreciate the gesture and be excited about being able to pursue their creative talents further and meeting new people who share their passion.

If you have a creative person in your life and have a birthday coming up, consider these cool gift ideas and find one that will suit them the best.