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BIONIC GYM is a wearable device that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to initiate a shivering response as a result of muscle contractions leading to energy expenditure. It is claimed the BIONIC GYM mimics an aerobic training workout that can exceed 500 kcal per hour. $100 OFF Bionic Gym coupon code available.

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The BIONIC GYM is an attractive alternative for athletes who have a high need for cardiovascular exercise training but want to minimize the amount of repetitive joint loading they subject their bodies to. It might be utilized by wounded athletes as part of their recovery. This type of EMS has a wide range of other potential uses, such as assisting those with poor mobility or those who are overweight or obese. To my knowledge, no specific research has looked at the BIONIC GYM’s effectiveness in aiding weight loss. The mechanism of action of this type of EMS needs to be studied further, as well as the effects it has on various populations.

Due to the numerous additional advantages of leading an active lifestyle, such as reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol as well as psychological and social advantages, BIONIC GYM shouldn’t be used as a substitute for physical activity. However, research so far indicates that utilizing BIONIC GYM causes a considerable increase in heart rate and energy expenditure.

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Burns Calories:

It burns 500+ calories approximately. In the laboratory when tested people – once they were used to BionicGym and had trained upon it – people were able to exercise at a rate burning 500+ calories/hr.

BionicGym is a wearable exercise device for burning calories. The device has an adjustable mode for high-intensity aerobic and cardio training. The device is completely FDA-approved.

It is really very useful for everyone who loves their body and physic. It is just a device but it gives unbelievable results in doing gym. After using it many times, you can change it and go to the new device. You can get relief from knee pain and muscle pain also. Your muscles will be very strong and healthy.

BionicGym is an App and a Wrap. The wraps go around your legs and electrical impulses target and contract sugar-hungry muscle fibers giving you real exercise.

BionicGym has been tested in zero-gravity with the European Space Agency and cleared by US Food & Drug Administration FDA. Our research is published in peer-reviewed, indexed, scientific journals.

An “App and a Wrap,” BionicGym provides arduous exercise while you watch TV or simple calorie-burn while working.

Your thighs are wrapped, and electrical impulses cause your leg muscles to contract. It is managed through your phone.

When it’s intense, your heart rate rises, you start to sweat, and you start having trouble breathing. Even a runner’s high is possible. It is actually revolutionary because it is the only tool in the world capable of achieving this.

Fitness Training:

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Clinical studies show increased VO2max (lab test for aerobic fitness) in just 6 weeks.

Energy: Feel fresh and energized. At high intensities, you can even get a runner’s high.

Weight Loss: Burn calories even while working. Sustainable weight loss = diet + exercise. BionicGym can be your exercise.

Gentle on your joints: No need to pound the streets.

By inducing enough muscles to actively contract at optimal rates, they shout out for blood to supply oxygen and energy. When that happens, your heart pumps harder and faster to deliver this blood.

The result is that BionicGym trains both your cardio system and your muscles. You become more breathless and in time heat up – even sweat. After all, shivering is nature’s way of warming you up.

This is the complete review of the Bionic Gym. So why late guys, buy Bionic Gym and build your muscle strength and be healthy.



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